Filter017 Interview On Frozenaisle

Filter017 Interview On Frozenaisle
來自美國洛杉磯(Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.)的訪問邀請


What is your background as an artist? Where did you go to school?

ENZO & WEN both graduated from Graphic Design of university at Taichung, Taiwan. NICK graduated from Interior Design of university at Xi'an, China.

What’s the meaning and concept of the name: Filter017?

Hahaha, I heard that question quite a lot. Actually it doesn’t stand for anything, or any particular meanings. Supposing it does have a meaning, must mean something trifles, I guess the name is not that important.

The “Robber Bank” wallet was an awesome design, how did you come up with that concept?

Because coming to designing wallet; we thought it would be great to connect with “money”. We thought putting “money” in “money” is a pretty cool idea and it also presents the feeling of luckiness; like using it may make a fortune or become rich. As a result we decided to combine the high recognized image of US dollars with the pirate visual rendering; in order to give you the feeling that using it might give you the of getting property of accident.

What design programs are you using right now? Any techniques you care to share for our readers?

We recently just finish a cooperation case with some fashion boutiques about the visual design of wall covering, and what comes to next are two cases about Platform Toy designs. What we are doing doesn’t require any particular technique, what we need is a lot of passions.

As far as the art process goes, do you mainly sketch out your ideas or work on them digitally from the start? Could you describe your typical workflow for an illustration?

We are not good at drawing sketching, that’s why all the drafts were started digitally, or we will create some really simple and clean lining drafts. Basically we prefer doing our composition of pictures and typesetting by the computer, although its digital work but we give the impression of drawing sketching, the benefits is we can get clean lining without looking stiffly.

So you have done work for magazines, products, clothing and other industries. Which industry has been the most challenging to work in and why?

I think they’re all very changeling. After all, applying graphic design on all kinds of media takes a lot time and efforts to devise and adjust.

Do you ever look through art magazines for inspiration? If so, what magazines?

This is an essential! We are not geniuses; of course we need reference materials to inspire our inspirations. We did not make the limitation; basically we will look though magazines with great amounts of photos with furniture, contrivances, products, graphic designs, Illustrations…etc. We are not really into the magazines with a lot of texts.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about the design and illustrating industry?

The least favorite thing is to be forced to make a creation in a very short time; also some dreary cases without autonomy are also very tiresome.

Where do you see your work going? What are your plans for future projects? What are you most excited about right now?

ENZO and WEN spend most of their time in their studio at Taipei, and Nick is at Shanghai. Occasionally we meet at Shanghai to discuss few plans. We are now preparing our own brand and products, and also name as “Filter017”. New collections are developing presently; except for the basic collections of T-shirts, caps, and bags; we are looking for products with more conception, and capable to combine with our image. This is now our main goal.

Any advice for our readers?

Do the thing that you want to do and do the thing that you are truly interest in, and then try to turn it into a career. That will be easier to hold on in a long tern without complaining and boredom.

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